What is a Senior Honors Thesis? The Senior Honors Thesis is a two-semester, 6 credit research commitment on a topic that you and your faculty mentor agree on. The result is an academic paper, often of publishable quality. Honors Thesis.

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As a Schreyer Scholar, you are required to complete an undergraduate honors thesis as the culmination of your honors experience. The goal of the thesis is to demonstrate a command of relevant scholastic work and to make a personal.

2) Completion of a thesis, research project, or some other approved body of original work, which is submitted for evaluation according to the rules of the UF Honors Office, the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, and the student's major.

Senior Thesis Writing. The topic, problem, theme, or idea should be one with which the student already has some familiarity, and the thesis should employ an argument pertaining to it. Eligibility: Only majors (either Philosophy or.

The masters thesis and doctoral dissertation are written documents that describe the graduate student's research. The subject of the thesis/dissertation is chosen by mutual agreement between the student and major adviser, and must be.

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Their efforts in this class greatly benefit their tutors by sharing the load and it greatly benefits the younger students by setting an example of what a responsible senior looks like. Seniors benefit from this experience by gaining a whole new.

One element that sets the Honors College apart from the rest of the university and other honors colleges is our thesis requirement. Your senior thesis allows you to complete a substantial academic project, applying knowledge you've acquired in your course of study. You'll be able to. Honors College. See What It Takes.

Outline of an Honors Thesis: Introduction. In one or two sentences, what is your central hypothesis? (This is your thesis statement.). You need to tell the reader exactly what you're going to tell her/him in your paper. Literature Review and.

A senior thesis is one option for the sociology major's 400-level course or " capstone" requirement. Anyone who is intrigued by a sociological question and wishes to seek an answer through individualized research rather than through the.

A research paper is different from an editorial or opinion essay, which. A good senior thesis often has multiple research components and utilizes. of politics and public policy pursue causal questions– “what is the effect of A on B?” We.

If a student pursues an honors thesis that is not conferred honors status, the student's record will show that s/he. The proposal should have a primary research question and will define what you are doing for your research (and why).

The Senior Thesis Project is something that binds all New College students and graduates, since every New College student produces one. That's part of what it means to be an honors college: we have faith that every admitted student can.

organization, and effort. It is used by many programs as one criterion for selecting students who are awarded honors in the major. The thesis is also part of the scholarly record of the college. The senior thesis may take any one of a wide variety.

The Honors Thesis centers around an investigation of original thinking and offers you an opportunity to work closely with. to pursue their goals before entering college; for many, it can take years to figure out what they are passionate about.

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23 Mar 2016. While similar in some ways to a college thesis, capstone projects may take a wide variety of forms, but most are. on the project to a panel of teachers, experts , and community members who collectively evaluate its quality.

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As the culminating academic experience, Senior Thesis affords every student the opportunity to practice research and presentation. "Senior Thesis provides students with a great opportunity to pursue what they are interested in learning.

They can give you a better idea of what they are doing and what you may be able to do. They may. The senior thesis is the written document describing your research project, and is a vital part of both chemistry 393 and your BS degree.

If your thesis is relatively far along during the fall of your senior year rather than just being started, your professors can write stronger and more detailed letters of reference explaining what you have accomplished. You can also schedule a.