Today’s students, however, must know how to distinguish between articles published by genuine scholarly journals and those churned out by look-alike predatory and fake journals that falsely claim to.

Results of the study will be disseminated through blogs and fact sheets posted on the Cyberbullying Research Center Web site, as well as through peer-reviewed journal articles and academic and.

This academic year is the first that school employees. that more clearly lays out what the district considers to be.

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It’s a week dedicated to increasing access to knowledge resources hosted by libraries, such as online journals and academic books. Open access is very beneficial to society because research and.

A leading cyber-bullying expert has. in numerous professional and academic publications. He is the co-chair of ACR’s national Crisis Negotiation Section, and he is an ad-hoc reviewer for multiple.

It identifies instances where a paragraph or sentence or phrase in an essay is identical to one in, for instance, an academic journal article. It then generates a report with a “similarity index”.

SHRM Online has collected articles. according to an academic study published Jan. 29. The findings indicate "that there are reasons to particularly explore women managers’ vulnerability to.

The peer-reviewed scholarly journal is one of six published by the American Educational. which suggests heightened early risk for LGBTQ-identified students." From a policy perspective, Robinson and.

For more than 20 years as an academic, writing has been more of a duty than a need – let alone a right. Productivity units must be met. Papers must be written and published in approved journals. Even.

The recent reports are from Retraction Watch, which is a blog that reports on the withdrawal of articles by academic journals. The site’s database reports that journals have withdrawn a total of 247.

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The Open Access movement also saw the rise of new publishing platforms and mega journals like the Public Library of Science. It also birthed new business models for academic publishing, from the.

As a result, academic libraries have been forced to choose between maintaining their paid subscriptions to journals, the favored information resource of the STEM fields, and scholarly books, the.

This is very damaging to the Humanities. If these reflect academic concerns, there are many, many economic ones. The costs of accessing journals – even in electronic form – punish university budgets.

A researcher in 1974 named the phenomena, and investigations into copycat suicides have flourished ever since, populating academic journals and making headlines. suicide attempts and anonymous.

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Scholarly alliances can lighten the heavy burden of publishing in high-class international journals. It makes investigative ground work and funding procedures far less intense. It enables more.

With the growing commercialisation of university research, academic journals are starting to do something similar. A number of recent editorials in management journals have sought to highlight.

The JAMA Network Journals. (2014, September 1). Family dinners good for teens’ mental health, could protect from cyberbullying. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 20, 2019 from

They’re different from mainstream journals because they charge exorbitant fees to publish the articles they solicit, and they don’t follow any of the quality assurance processes expected in academic.

Results of this study will be disseminated through blogs and fact sheets posted on the Cyberbullying Research Center website, which receives approximately 8,000 unique visitors each day, as well as.

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Instead, their work is largely sitting in academic journals that are read almost exclusively by their peers. Biswas and Kirchherr estimate that an average journal article is “read completely by no.